Monday, February 07, 2005

FIRE saves Scholars 

Well, possibly. FIRE has gotten the University of California at Sunny Beaches Santa Barbara to cease its attempt to have The Dark Side of UCSB change its name to drop the reference to the university.
�We are relieved that UCSB has come to its senses and realized that it may not prohibit those who might criticize the university from using the university�s name,� remarked FIRE President David French. �UCSB twice told Mr. Baron, whose website is critical of the university, that it was a crime to use the UCSB name without the university�s permission. It is simply absurd for a public university to claim that it cannot be criticized by name.�

We are relieved, and gratefully note that despite several notes about this blog from administrators and faculty, nobody has ever suggested that we remove SCSU from our name.