Thursday, February 24, 2005

DFL has trouble finding candidates in the Sixth 

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has an exclusive from state DFL chair Mike Erlandson that Patty Wetterling, the losing DFL candidate in the Sixth District in Minnesota last November, is not running for federal office -- either the Dayton seat or the same CD6 seat. Wetterling is supposed to make a statement tomorrow on her plans.

This might explain why the second tier candidates for the CD6 seat have been coming forward, like Jay Esmay. Remember that Wetterling was recruited because the DFL could not find another suitable candidate to run against Kennedy last year. With Wetterling to the sidelines, the DFL is down to the backbenchers and thus the Republicans will come out in force to challenge frontrunners like state senator Michelle Bachmann, Cheri Yecke and potentially state representative Phil Krinkie.

Hugh is reading Amy Klobuchar's announcement of forming her committee right now to look at the Senate seat.

UPDATE (2/25): Wetterling now says she's interested in the Senate seat.