Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Casting for pinkos 

It's a day for bad campus email. On our announcement list -- which should be used for the business of the university -- there comes a solicitation for donations for a CodePink ad to mark the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion.
CODEPINK St. Cloud is planning to run another ad in March � two years since the U.S. invasion. If you support our effort to raise awareness about the costs of war as well as other issues, we invite you to add your signature (it will be published in the paper). A full-page standby ad costs $650 (cheaper because the Times decides when to run it). We suggest a $10 contribution for each signature, but more is gratefully appreciated and less or none is acceptable.

An entertaining fellow in another department decided on a lark to solicit for his Lutheran church in the Cities trying to build a larger sanctuary. I am still hoping for a few dollars to go watch the Red Sox get their championship rings.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.