Monday, February 14, 2005

A candidate for "bad letter to the editor" of the week 

I was hoping when I saw the title of this letter to the University Chronicle that someone was having fun. Alas, it is not.
He closed his Washington office after inside information of possible terrorist actions. While many criticized this, I applauded it. If your employer knew of the possibility of terrorist actions, wouldn't you want them to move operations elsewhere for safety?
Well, when the other 99 senators don't agree with you and don't move their staffs, what do you think has happened.
By opposing Condoleezza Rice, Dayton showed his courage by speaking his mind and standing his ground, despite knowing there would be political consequences.
Like what? He was already far behind in fundraising, his approval ratings already in the tank after his Flight from DC ... what was left to him to risk?
Dayton said fundraising for a campaign was a major cause toward his decision of not to run again. This is true, as he was holding a double-edged sword-if he used his own money for a campaign, people would criticize for not raising public funds, if he just raised public funds people would criticize for not using his own money. Knowing that there were political obstacles such as fundraising that would keep him from being reelected, the intelligent Dayton decided to let another strong Democrat run for his spot.
He couldn't raise money because he sucked at being a senator. He couldn't spend his own money because he had already sunk $12 million into his first run and the well was dry. Teresa Heinzes don't grow on trees.
While I am saddened that I may never again get to hear one of his inspiring speeches...
{wipes coffee from screen}...
I am confident that the DFL will choose the best candidate, out of the many strong possible candidates, to replace the honorable Sen. Mark Dayton.
...and that's the point. The DFL, as weak a bench as they have, has better candidates than Mark Dayton. If he was a decent candidate, the money would already have poured in.