Friday, February 25, 2005

Another taxpayer-supported advocacy job on a public university campus 

If you thought the HURL job description was bad, take a look at this ad for a Campus Climate Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse.
The Campus Climate Coordinator is responsible for facilitating programs that will improve the campus climate and diversity awareness. The candidate will be required to communicate and provide education programs for multiple constituencies. ...The Campus Climate Coordinator will:
* Conduct needs assessments and make programmatic recommendations to the University units for campus climate improvements;
* Coordinate ongoing diversity efforts generated by the comprehensive plan for faculty, staff, and students in the area of cultural competency and nondiscrimination;
* Assist in the creation and development of a Diversity Resource & Curriculum Infusion Center which will focus on diversity training and research for the UW-La Crosse campus;
* Develop, promote, and deliver educational programs and training in areas related to diversity awareness (race, gender, disability, homophobia, sexual harassment, etc.) for an increasingly diverse workforce (building individual and team skills);

I'm often fascinated by the reliance on "diverse workforce" as a reason for these programs. When you talk to faculty about what they do to help students develop job skills they'll often say they are not a vocational school, yet when it comes to diversity they suddenly are worried about how our student will fit into "an increasingly diverse workforce".

(H/T: Reader Pat Mattson.)