Friday, February 11, 2005

All your surplus are belong to me 

The Story Chat area of the St. Cloud Times is frequented by our mayor, David Strom fan John Ellenbecker. Reacting to the Times' coverage of university President Roy Saigo's plan for spending our university's budget surplus positive budget balance, Ellenbecker posted a comment:
Use it to build parking, parking, and more parking. This is a direct benefit for the students as well as the community.
And later: don't build a campus for 17,000 students and a couple thousand additional staff people and not provide a place for them to park. Parking needs need to be addressed - now.

Of course it is not revealed in his remarks or in the story that the land that would be bought for the parking ramp Saigo proposes is currently owned by the city. There is no discussion of the fact that student government doesn't think parking is where the money should go -- a fact that seems to elude Saigo as well.

Of course none of this will matter to Boss Ellenbecker, who is used to using threats to get his way and throwing a hissy when people call him on it. John, I've got a comment box here. Show us what you've got.