Saturday, January 15, 2005

Unfortunately, you might be in pictures 

Courtesy of Best of the Web: Evan Coyne Maloney is seeking more documetation of academic bias on college campuses. Here's what he suggests for students to do,
  1. When a professor voices his or her political views in class--but only when it does not pertain to the subject matter at hand--keep track of how much class time is spent on the political discussion, and to the best of your ability, record the comments made by the professor.
  2. Also, record the date of the discussion, the name of your professor, the name and course ID of the class, and the name and location (city and state) of your school.
  3. Lastly, you must be able to provide the name of at least one other student who was present at the time and who is willing to corroborate your report.
Send email to him at classtime (AT) academicbias (DOT) com. I would be delighted to hear of students at SCSU who have sent in email to AcademicBias, so if you do, copy me at comments (AT) scsuscholars (DOT) com. I don't have film, but I could certainly get your story told far and wide.