Monday, January 24, 2005

Ukraine: It's Tymoshenko! 

This catches me a bit by surprise. Yulia was certainly the most charismatic figure of the Orange Revolution, and she did a bang-up job at the Energy Ministry during her time, and she has a clear idea of what she wants to do (and I assume has worked it out with Yushchenko.) On the other hand, her appointment to the premiership was probably the thing most feared by former president Leonid Kuchma, who didn't exactly endear himself to her by tossing her in the clink. She's got a dicey past and bound to be a lightening rod going forward.

Yushchenko has signaled he wants lots of changes right away and put in the one person who has shown a willingness to act forcefully. I'm now pretty sure this will be an eventful year in Ukrainian politics, which means I will have more to cover on Ukraine.

I'm sure as well Rocketman will cover her because -- how else to say this? -- she's a babe. And on that, who can be divisive?