Monday, January 31, 2005

Reviewing student newspapers in pajamas 

Still in my P.J.'s, this morning I checked out SCSU's student newspaper on line. Featured was an article entitled "Free speech under debate," written by an aspiring young MSM wanna-be.

In the article the student reporter reviewed the thoughts delivered in a public forum by a representative of St. Cloud State University President Roy Saigo, and concluded with these unquestioned thoughts:

�When asked what she thought was the greatest threat to free speech on campus and in general, Zemek de Dominguez expressed her sentiments. 'Speaking for myself, and not for the University,� Zemek de Dominguez said, �I believe it's the current political situation and our president.� �
Sheesh, where should we begin? Let's assume for starters that F. Anne Zemek de Dominguez was referring here to President Bush, rather than to President Saigo.

Regardless, to insure free speech here on our campus, is it not incumbent on all of us, especially on future members of the �fourth estate,� to question the assertions made by all, regardless of whether or not we may agree with their political persuasions? For example, would not the reporter have done a more credible reporting job by including in this article answers to the following two most obvious questions that should have been posed to F. Anne Zemek de Dominguez?

�Why do you hold such a belief?�

�Can you cite for our readers specific policies endorsed by President Bush that threaten free speech on campus?�

Gulp, let's hope that CBS News is not recruiting for Dan Rather's replacement here at SCSU.