Friday, January 28, 2005

On NARN tomorrow... 

Tomorrow on NARN we get a chance to visit with Ahmad al-Qloushi, who was a student at Foothill College in San Jose, CA, who wrote an essay the result of which was his professor telling him to seek psychiatric consulting. Here's the essay he wrote. The story has been carried by FrontPage and just yesterday at ChronWatch. You'll note that the FrontPage story has been written by a liberal student at Foothill; I covered that letter here when it was written. Ahmad will be on at 1pm CT.

At 1:30 we will have a discussion of the recent proposals for a smoking ban, the Freedom to Breathe Act in Minnesota, with Ryan Pacyga, an opponent. Craig Westover has been a one-stop shop for coverage of the Minnesota Legislature on this. Just scroll away.

Click here to get a link for the streaming show if your radio is too far for our hamsters.