Monday, January 31, 2005

Looks like we made it 

And yes, I'm hearing that stupid song in my head, after I saw that the news of the St. Cloud Area Quarterly Business Report's new relationship with the St. Cloud Times had made the paper's editorial page yesterday. We will be front and center of a new publication called "ROI Central Minnesota".

Several pages of the ROI � Return on Investment � will be familiar to many local managers: The St. Cloud Area Quarterly Business Report, researched and written by St. Cloud State University economics professors King Banaian and Richard MacDonald. We'll handle production of the report and deliver it in a timely manner.

The material will continue to be the quality index and economic forecast produced quarterly by SCSU St. Cloud State in conjunction with the St. Cloud Area Economic Development Partnership.

Since 1996, the QBR has been the only comprehensive report providing insight into Central Minnesota's economic future. It's shaped by your voice in the form of local survey results.

There was also a 3/4 page ad in the front section of the paper for it. So consider this full disclosure: I write something that the Times prints and sells. We have been told, however, that we alone will decide the content of what goes in the QBR portion of ROI.

And yes, Francophones, we get the joke on my name.

This has been in the works for a few months but we only got the commitment to it earlier this month. I'm pleased because moving the production side of QBR to the Times frees Rich and I to do more things with it. We should have a new one out in early April.