Thursday, January 13, 2005

Idiots never sleep 

Walking around my office building lately I see flyers for a Department of Peace rally to coincide with the Presidential Inauguration. These Kucinich Bolsheviks (note: we cannot have Hewitt stealing this term for his campaign to get hearings about Rathergate. I want the term Bolshevik kept pure to represent a particularly vile form of leftist, thankee) wish to continue to run a campaign that attracted even fewer votes than the Libertarian Party. This idea attracted a little attention when Walter Cronkite went for it, but I thought it had died after Kucinich had lost his quixotic bid for the presidency.

I'm listening to Hugh now and he's absolutely right: This will be the spring of peace rallies. It's the one hammer they have left, and they will use it. They will not go to sleep. They will continue to pound away on Iraq, on Afghanistan, and elsewhere. And the campuses will work right along with them.

The rally coincides with the first day of classes here, and we can hope as well that the temperatures in Minnesocold continue to stay below zero.