Monday, January 17, 2005

How long before they teach blogging? 

There is a course taught in our Women's Studies program called "Women and Computers". An ad for the course appears on a bulletin board in our building.
Can computers and the Internet be used by feminists to smash patriarchy?
Join WS445/545 to explore and discuss

  • Is the Internet based on androcentric norms?

  • How the intersection of race, class, geneder and sexual orientation affect people's use of computers and the Internet?

  • How feminist organize for social justice using computers and the Internet?

  • And improve your advocacy skills by learning how to
    • make Web sites

    • use Excel for statistical evidence

    • prepare attention-grabbing graphics and PowerPoint slide shows.
She also copies this picture to make her point. The course is required for the new Women's Studies majors. I think this course may be the type of evidence that Brainwashing is looking for, but students in that major probably have already gone 'round the bend. This course is about advocacy, pure and simple.

More interestingly, this course -- taught by a faculty member in semi-retirement -- is still using a very old model for how to reach people. How long before we start seeing our women's studies majors be required to create their own blogs? Maybe I should buy domain name rights to

Of course, I cannot find a website for this course, which is set to begin within a week.