Tuesday, January 11, 2005

College shopping wisely 

Commenting on a couple of cases of professorial intimidation at Foothill College, Brainstorming's DC says,
What kind of children do we have for college professors these days? And parents pay for this crap? Not me, baby. Not going to happen. I've told my kids that Mom and Dad will not be paying for any college with an agenda of political indoctrination. I urge all parents to get with the program.
The question is, DC, how do they get on the program? She suggests the Academic Bill of Rights, which I continue to argue is overkill and a stalking horse for other reforms that David Horowitz and the Students for Academic Freedom seek. I suggest, as the season for high school seniors to decide on colleges heats up, that parents can "get with the program" by reading ISI's Choosing the Right College.

ISI makes clear that the important stuff to know about isn't whether the school is upholding some equilibrium of leftist and rightist cant but how they go about getting a liberal arts education. I would give my children money, and lots of it, to learn at a school where you could choose your own core curriculum as this book does. Unfortunately it covers only 125 institutions in America, but even if your junior or senior isn't going to one of these you owe it him or her to educate yourself on what to seek in core curricula. You can get more information at their College Guide sub-site including asking the right questions.

I suggest that parents not seek simple markers like ABOR as substitutes for asking good questions and taking control of their college education.