Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bumming by the stream 

My evening routine often involves leaving work around 5:30 or 6pm, and some nights that will be followed with an errand or three. As a result I often have to miss good parts of Hugh Hewitt's show. The Patriot's signal is too weak to reach St. Cloud so I'm dependent entirely on the Internet stream of his show.

Many nights I get home around 7pm. That's not been a problem because KRLA provided replays of Hewitt's show. I simply flip it on at 8pm and listen until 11, while I work on this computer. Until last night, when all the shows were pulled off and KRLA reverted to the live feed. No Lileks, no Captain Ed.

Now, I'm still waiting for my copy of Blog to come from Amazon and so I can't know what he wrote, but surely some of it has to be about convergence of blogs and talk radio. Being able to refer a reader from a blog to, say, my discussion of Indonesia on NARN last week (second half of first hour) is a synergy.* So too would be Mitch linking to Stefan Sharkansky's interview during our second hour. Now I've not seen Hugh do this on his blog -- he usually transcribes the important interviews -- but it's certainly possible. Why would we not want these two media to cross-pollinate further?

If KRLA won't go the expense of archiving Hugh's shows, I would suggest that Salem do so, and in a way that encourages bloggers to link to audio. Someone is likely to tell me that this violates some FCC rule, but that would be simply one more example of the law lagging reality.

*--Links directly to the stream; we're on at 12 and 6 Central Time, AM and PM, M-F. If that link didn't pop up for you, try from here.