Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another way econ is different 

Orin Kerr reports on Harvard Law adopting a seminar format for top faculty to present papers in progress to its students. I think many economics departments do this already. When I was at Claremont, students were encouraged to attend, and occasionally one of us would speak up, at seminars given by local and visiting faculty as well. Lunch-bag seminars for students were common, and faculty often attended. As I ask other faculty I know in economics, they tell me they had the same opportunities.

Special for me: I was a second-year grad student and told to help with setting up the refreshments. This included buying the wine -- the place I went to is still there, and whenever in Claremont I still go, as it was the place I learned to taste wine.

At least in one place, then, I was both economist and sommelier.