Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yushchenko opens a big lead 

Le Sabot Post-Moderne is live blogging between Yushchenko and Yanukovych headquarters. He reports here on a press conference by Yushchenko's campaign manager that indicates 80% of those approached by exit pollsters are answering this time compared to 25% in the first runoff. This may explain why the three exit polls reported give Yushchenko between a 15% and 20% lead.

Latest results from the CEC, reported by UNIAN: 25.4% of votes counted, Yushchenko up 58-39. (The remainder will be either spoiled ballots or votes for none of the above.) These are consistent with the exit polls. I'll check back periodically through the evening on results and kick this to the top as needed; I'll post other news from Ukraine between times.

UPDATE 1: Neeka says you can check the official results here, in English. She's got good pictures too. a nice picture of Yushchenko voting with his children.

UPDATE 2: 5:34pm CT: At 1:34am Kyiv time: 39.6% of the vote counted, Yushchenko still up 57-39.

UPDATE 3: 6:43pm -- Only narrowing a little: 57-40 with 54% of ballots counted. While you wait, TulipGirl has some greatest hits of the Orange Revolution going on. Go read.

UPDATE 4: 8:50pm 75.6% votes tallied, Yushchenko is still up 15% (55.6-40.6), according to UNIAN (in Russian.)

UPDATE LAST: 11:50pm, 92.25% of votes counted: Yushchenko 53.53% (14,150, 096); Yanukovych 42.69% (11,286,006).