Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ukraine moves forward 

Events in Kyiv are moving towards successful implementation of the agreement signed last week between outgoing President Kuchma, presidential candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych and various EU representatives. Let's review:
  1. All sides confirm that the force will not be used. Check -- there hasn't been, though it appears it was a real threat.
  2. The administrative buildings should be unblocked. It appears that will happen shortly, though word isn't yet official.
  3. The expert group should be created. This group should make a legislative analysis of the current situation and prepare propositions of law change. This has happened since Friday.
  4. Sides also agreed to admit political reform on the basis of Law-project No.4180; this should be done together with changes to Law about presidential elections as well as with forming of new Cabinet of Ministers. The stickiest part of this, but now appears resolved. The constitutional changes would appear to not take force until Jan. 2006 as I mentioned a couple of days ago. Meanwhile Yanukovych has taken a leave from the Cabinet to run for the re-runoff. Not exactly the spirit of the agreement, but it appears close enough. And Yanukovych's new campaign manager says Kuchma isn't helping any more. Ch'yeahright.
  5. Sides also appealed to all political forces to respect territorial integrity of Ukraine. It appears that will happen, though Scott Clark's note from Kharkiv is a bit disturbing. I think separatism will go nowhere.
  6. Sides also appeal to authorities of all levels in Ukraine to concentrate on crisis in Economics. I've heard less about this than I would have liked except for this action on price controls.
  7. Sides also agreed that the next round should take place after Supreme Court declares the decision.While this was listed last, this was in fact what had to happen first, and it did, and the Supreme Court's decision in fact made this item law and started negotiations that appear to have ended today.
Meanwhile, Ambivablog noted in a comment on my previous post that the Times of London is confirming that Yushchenko was poisoned. That adds no new information for me, and I doubt it changes anyone's mind in voting, but it will provide a little more ammunition for the re-runoff on Dec. 26.

"Deans and Dummies*" meeting now. Back later.

*Dummies=department chairs, q.v.