Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Two peas in a pod, actually 

I'm not sure what bothers one more: this liberal professor from Emory talking about "values voters" pointed out by McQ at Q&O, or this screedy little strumpet that Mitch found. He promises to fisk the foul-mouthed child -- I only want to add that if she wants to put up a wall between her Minneapolis and the rest of the state, I cannot wait for her to starve when she finds out all the food she eats comes from those places she abhors.

Likewise, the professor forgets that the Enlightenment leaders who wrote our Constitution also wrote the Declaration of Independence, with references to Nature's God and a Creator and Divine Providence. I found these paragraphs particularly egregious:

The United States has become a strange animal, half theocracy, half plutocracy. We have returned to the theocracy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, figuratively burning witches (gays and lesbians) and hanging Quakers (Muslims).

Consumers of religions sold on Sundays listen to shouters replacing Christian love with Old Testament fear leaning heavily on a vengeful God rather than the Prince of Peace. Americans seem to need to create enemies to destroy, on the battlefield or on the playing field.

I have no idea whether Professor Treadwell has stepped foot in a church, but he most assuredly has not stepped into mine. While some churches may struggle with the question of gay pastors, many others simply put the issue aside as being unimportant -- spreading the Gospel is a far greater priority to many of us than whether or not two men can marry in a church.