Sunday, December 26, 2004

"Today it is fashionable, stylish and beautiful to be a Ukrainian" 

LSPM and Orange Ukraine are heading to what looks right now to be a victory celebration in Maidan Nezhelemosti: Yushchenko has told them to assemble there in about ninety minutes.

"The first news is - it is done," Yushchenko said in his HQ on Monday morning. "It is a victory of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian nation," he added.

Yushchenko noted that a new political year is beginning in Ukraine. "The era of Kuchma, Medvedchuk and Yanukovych is going away, a new era of great democracy is beginning. Dozens of millions of Ukrainians dreamed about it. Today it is fashionable, stylish and beautiful to be a Ukrainian," Yushchenko said.

Yushchenko thanked "free journalists for letting the whole world talk about Ukraine."

You're welcome Viktor, but don't count your victories before they're official. Cautious horilka in the meanwhile. The lead is below 16% (55.9-40.2) with 63% counted. And I don't trust the buggers not to try a little surprise at the end.

UPDATE: Abdymok has photos of fashionable, beautiful voting.

UPDATE 2: I guess Yushchenko gave his speech early; LSPM and Orange Ukraine report the crowd thinning at Maidan and a little silliness. I suppose at this stage denouement is a good thing.