Monday, December 13, 2004

They didn't only beat us at hockey 

Peter Swanson notes that SCSU may have also lost the battle to the University of Minnesota over whose campus has the more idiotic policy on holiday parties. Their answer isn't to denude December celebrations of any decorations that might suggest a particular religion. It's to wait for January.
Plan a time that makes sense with your workplace schedule. Think about whether December is the best time for your event. If it's a particularly busy time in your office, it may be better to plan activities for January or February. Consider celebrating another holiday, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Day--it can be a chance to learn together as a group as well as celebrate together.
Of course, that's the beginning of the following semester, which around here is a madhouse of students complaining about not getting seats in the sections they want.

Good thing the U of M colors aren't red and green.