Monday, December 27, 2004

She won't be majoring in women's studies 

At another regional state university, transfer student JMPP is looking over her list of student groups to see how to make friends.

The Vagina Club. Hey, I have one of those! But, is it for vagina owners, or vagina enthusiasts? Or perhaps vagina owners who are also vagina enthusiasts? Let's see what the club description says:

"To provide an empowering, positive environment for women. To have a place for women to talk about current issues, and have them understand that they are not the only person to share certain views."

Hmm. Pretty vague. Also, I wonder what these "certain views" are that I'm supposed to share with my fellow vagina owners?

You know, though, I think the focus of The Vagina Club is a little too broad. I'd really prefer to specialize more. Fortunately for me, there's Tampaction!

"The Tampaction Campaign aims to eradicate the use of unhealthy, unsustainable tampons and pads, institutionalize sustainable alternatives into our schools and communities, and infuse healthy attitudes surrounding menstruation into our culture's consciousness. We're letting the world know that bleedin' can be everyone's issue. In doing so, we work to destroy patriarchal taboos, end environmental degradation caused by disposable tampons and pads, and promote vaginal and menstrual health."

I really hope they schedule their club information tables for AFTER the lunch hour.

I wish she had transferred here instead. I would be happy to get this woman ready for graduate school.

(Hat tip: Michael Munger.)