Sunday, December 26, 2004

"I think I won, I know I won, but if I lost..." 

That's pretty much what this article (in Ukrainian) on Yanukovych's press conference says. From a translation:

"I am expect to win, but if I lose, I believe that by now I have been sufficiently convinced that it is impossible to negotiate with people who have no morals and do not follow the law. That is why - no negotiations, if I lose - "harsh opposition" - he stated at a press conference at his Kiev headquarters.

Yanukovych stated that his opponents will "learn what opposition really means"

He emphasized that due to the changes to the law on the elections and as a result of the Supreme Court decision which came in too late, many people have not been able to use their right to choose/vote.

In his opinion, "the elderly, who are literally classified as not people by this law, who built this country, and thanks to whom we have the country as it is today" have been deprived of the right to vote.

"Let such a humiliating situation as well as alleged cases of "dead" people voting stay on their consciousness" - he said.

Yanukovych could not say how many people could not vote. "I am unable to count how many people were not given a chance to vote today, but this number is high" - he said.

According to him, his team does not yet have "hard evidence, [but] only hearsay".

Given the data I show below, the suppression level, if it exists, isn't high enough to change the results at present showing.

Al Gore could not be reached for comment.