Monday, December 20, 2004

Help! I've been Voleked! 

In sports you can sometimes do little well and still win and other times you can do everything well and lose. Unfortunately, we did the latter in the playoffs. Despite having touchdowns from all but one player who played on my team (excepting the kicker, of course), I ended up losing -- unless Randy McMichael catches four TDs against the Pats -- to a team that had this lineup and stat lines:

QB Volek (492 passing yards, 4 pass TDs and 1 rush TD)
WR THolt (6-95)
WR Burleson (5-134-2 TD)
RB LaJohnson (151 rushing yards, 2 TD)
RB CMartin (138-2 TD)
TE Heap (4-58-1)

Given the matchups I could see it coming. I was sure Heap, Volek, Holt and Burleson would have big games and it was only whether the running backs would be good that mattered. I countered with Trent Green, Randy and Marvin at wideouts (since you get a point per catch and six per TD and per 20 yards, I had played a draft strategy to take them first), but had nothing left at RB except Thomas Jones, Julius Jones and an injured Chris Brown, who if healthy would have made this a game. Even a great performance again from the Redskin defense didn't offer enough balance.

But the Volek line reminds me of a game earlier this season where I survived a 5 TD outburst by Peyton Manning. There's some luck in these things certainly; I ended up facing a buzzsaw this week. I had tried a few weeks ago to get Larry Johnson off waivers, but because of other claims I missed getting him. That in no small part was the difference here.

So hats off to Kevin Holtsberry, owner of Collected Miscellany the team and the blog of the same name.