Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Free expression and SCSU process 

Mike Adams discusses the case of Prof. Wythe Holt at the University of Alabama, who once defended free speech that was inflammatory but now fears and wishes to suppress �any behavior which demeans or reduces an individual based on group affiliation or personal characteristics, or which promotes hate or discrimination.�

Wythe Holt, like so many others in academia, fails to understand that free expression is process, not a result. Public discourse cannot be rigged to guarantee certain results for certain groups contingent upon their present popularity with the powers that be.

Our constitution demands that the government remain uninvolved in the marketplace of ideas whenever possible. Whenever government involvement in matters of free expression is necessary, it must take the form of facilitation that is viewpoint neutral. It cannot take the form of manipulation that is ideologically motivated.

When Professor Adams completes his work there he might wish to investigate the continuing suppression of discussion and criticism of the Homecoming Queen incident here. At Faculty Senate last week the university's provost reported back the actions of the "Responses of the Leadership of the University to the Homecoming Court Backlash". Included in it:
The materials from the administration also indicate the University indeed did ask the St. Cloud Times to remove the pictures and references to the student. To their credit, they did not. The faculty senate continues to pursue a letter to the SCTimes asking them to end pseudonymous commenting on their website.

They will not rest until they finish killing the free speech that is protected by their own tenure.

The administration has been simply craven in its reaction to Support the Court. Unlike the Homecoming Queen, the administration has no balls.