Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The finals rally 

Frequent reader and contributor Roger Lewis sent me this last night, thinking I might be the only one to get it. I bet our other readers will too.
Tonight I was giving a final for some of my on-line students - the typical cast, guys in ball caps, everyone in jeans, tee-shirts, etc.

After about an hour I look up and one of the guys has his "rally cap" on, and keeps it that way until he finishes the exam.

Not sure yet if it did him any good. We'll see!

At least the student didn't bring a rally monkey.

(Alas, Roger roots for the Yankees. No, he says he doesn't. "[C]alling me a Yankees fan is like saying I'm lower than whale excrement, and you know how low whale excrement is!" As I matter of fact, I do.)