Thursday, December 30, 2004

Down to his last strike Struck out 


Captain Ed notes that Viktor Yanukovych has lost most of his appeals in the Ukrainian courts and before the Central Election Committee. He has one appeal still before the Supreme Court; he also will be able to appeal the CEC's decision.. From Radio Free Europe today

The court refused to review complaints alleging that the Central Election Committee failed to enforce voting law and failed to ensure that all disabled voters received home-voting rights.
Since it was that law that was challenged and changed over the weekend, the significance of this decision by the court is great. It too deals with procedural issues rather than evidence of actual fraud at the ballot boxes. His CEC complaint as well was a broad-brush attempt to paint the process as flawed. The CEC and its territorial subsidiaries are mostly interested in hearing of specific examples, so that particular tactic was unlikely to go far.

(UPDATE: From the last graf of the NYT this morning, quoting Yanukovych's campaign manager:
"We can predict what will happen," Mr. Chornovil said. "No solution in our favor will be made.")

I think we are witnessing the death throes of Yanukovych's political career. But there's more intrigue happening; another post coming on this today.