Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting no class act 

I'm voting a little later today so that my son, who attends a technical college here learning to be a chef, can go with me and be vouched for by someone with real personal knowledge. I don't give students time off like Penn does, as Steven Taylor notes.
Today is a grad seminar, so nothing due but reading. Still, people work real jobs and manage to vote, so why do students, who are likely in class an average max of 3 hours in a given day, need a lightened load so they can vote? What, there are spending so much time trying to figure out who to vote for they can�t study for an exam?
Many "I voted" stickers at the bagel shop this morning, including one Republican gentleman who wears a suit to the polls as a sign of respect. Minnesota law does require that other than regularly scheduled classes, no activity can be scheduled at a state university between 6-8pm on election day.

At least we haven't seen emails like this on campus, yet.
Dear Professors,
If you have a minute in class today or tomorrow, it would be extremely helpful if you could remind students to vote tomorrow. There is a lot of misinformation floating around campus intending to intimidate students who are planning to vote in New Hampshire. Students have the right to vote either at home or where they go to school. All the polls show NH deadlocked, and we're going to need every student's vote in order to win this election.