Friday, November 12, 2004

UNH student update 

FIRE also announces today that Timothy Garneau, the student at the University of New Hampshire who was kicked out of his dorm for suggesting women who had put on the "freshman fifteen" use the stairs rather than the overcrowded elevator, was allowed to move back in.
...[O]n October 27, Esther Tardy-Wolfe, the director of UNH�s Judicial and Mediation Programs Office informed Garneau that UNH had suddenly decided to rescind all of the original charges against him except for �acts of dishonesty.� His sentence was reduced from eviction to �relocation� to another dormitory, extended disciplinary probation, and a single �ethics� meeting with UNH Judicial Officer Jason Whitney.

�While Tim readily admits that he initially did not tell Brad Williams, his Hall Director, that he was responsible for the flier, he was afraid that Williams would punish him severely and unlawfully for his expression,� remarked Greg Lukianoff, FIRE�s director of legal and public advocacy. �After being kicked out of the dorms for three weeks, it is clear that his fears were completely justified. Williams had no business �investigating� constitutionally-protected speech in the first place.�
No word on Garneau's weight loss during his time living in the back of his car.

UPDATE (11/14): Penraker is unimpressed.