Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Supporters of Ukraine press conference in Minneapolis tonight 

The Elder just forwarded this note from a friend,

Press Conference
Ukrainian Citizens of Minnesota United for Freedom and Democracy: Recognition of pro-Western Candidate Yuschenko as Legitimate President of Ukraine

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 7:00 PM
Ukrainian Event Center, 301 Main Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Questions: 612-805-1612 or 612-624-1593

UAWA (Ukrainian American Wave Association), The Ukrainian Student Association of Minnesota (USAM) and the CCAU (Coordinating Committee to Aide Ukraine) have announced a press conference to take place with Ukrainian citizens and students at the University of Minnesota. They ascertain that the elections in Ukraine were manipulated on a massive scale to secure a victory for the criminal regime that is currently in power.

During Sunday's election widespread falsifications took place with massive ballot-stuffing in favor of the government candidate, Viktor Yanukovych in eastern Ukraine. The fraudulence reached epic proportions with thousands of irregularities including 3.1 million votes illegally registered and government claims that turnout exceeded 100 per cent in some regions. European and US officials have condemned the widespread voting irregularities and said that the government's actions were a major step back for democracy. This morning Ukrainian Embassy employees in Washington DC signed a letter stating that they were threatened and forced to manipulate the vote in favor of the government candidate.

The national candidate, whom exit polls showed to have captured a commanding victory, is the pro-western Viktor Yuschenko. He is for major reforms that would fight widespread corruption in government that has left millions of Ukrainians in poverty. Determined to institute the rule of law and make Ukraine free for democracy. He is for Ukrainian integration into NATO and the EU, and strong
relations with the United States.

Millions of people throughout Ukraine have taken to the streets to defend their choice. The government regime is looking to violently suppress the civil disobedience, but only world spotlight and support can prevent massive bloodshed, and a victory for democracy.

UPDATE: Thank you, Hugh. I'll be giving thanks tomorrow for such great friends.