Friday, November 19, 2004

Setting your own Target 

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have now heard about Hugh creating a ruckus over Target's decision to not let the Salvation Army solicit donations on its property, and his dragging Lileks into it. If you grew up in a city as I did, hearing bellringers for the SA is part of the ambience of Christmas. It detracts from my shopping to have that sound removed.

Just not enough to get me to go to WalMart. Chumley has those details for us. No need to review.

Actually, I don't frequent stores any more. I play Christmas carols on the computer's sound system and hit Amazon, eBay, LL Bean, Imaginarium and the rest. I can shop in my pajamas, or underwear. If I want to feel the cold, I take the laptop outside. I can even have the sound of bells ringing on a .wav on a continuous loop.

Which might be Target's solution.

To be serious, Target owns its property. If enough people follow Hugh, they will make the business decision to have the Army on its property; they estimate currently that there will not be enough business lost to put up with the claims for equal time from groups that provide no net benefit to Target (and I agree with Hugh that the Army does.)

I doubt Target is surprised by the boycott threat, and I would think it's factored into the decision. If they are, they're not nearly as smart as I think they are. (No, I don't own stock.) But I think they are.

I might even bet some SALMON!!! on it.