Friday, November 12, 2004


Thursday night, I get home and Mrs. Scholar says "now remember, Littlest Scholar has her recital Friday night." "Um, was that on the calendar?" "No, they just reminded me today." I was planning to be in with the NARN on the Hugh Hewitt show, but LS recitals are required events, so I pulled off the schedule and trudged off. LS is going through a phase where she will defy authority in unique ways, so tonight's defiance was blowing through every repeat in her piece and getting off the stage in less than a minute. And "forgetting" her speech for forensics at home. One of my good friends with a 13-year-old had warned me of this a few years ago and I did not heed. Now I will.

So I go home and catch the replay of Hewitt's show to get in time for the show trials and the Lileks lockout. Not bad, I thought, until James decides we need to try Hugh. His take on walking Jasper and hearing Hugh pimp salmon* had me on the floor. All of which I gave up for the sake of hearing 45 seconds of my daughter playing. Then I realized: Had I gone, the room would have been filled and perhaps James would have kept driving to Iowa or been left waiting in the Patriot parking lot.

Salmon serendipity, they'll call it.

*figured I better link after we kinda trashed the commercial. Please send no salmon -- I'm a longtime, happy vegetarian and have always hated seafood. Ask me some time about eating clam chowder with John Sununu. Seriously.

P.S. MITCH is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NARN? NARN's page still links to my old page! And who's responsible for this? Yup, the "painfully polite" one.