Monday, November 08, 2004

Picking a scab 

A friend at the St. Cloud Times tells me that about fifteen people from this university descended on the newspaper's offices to discuss their disappointment in the coverage of the Homecoming Court story. According to my friend, the paper has not been asked to remove pictures from their websites (Ms. Foss, if you are reading, you have some 'splainin' to do.) According to the same faculty minutes I quoted below, these 'faculty senators' wasted an enormous amount of time discussing the issue in Senate one day, going through several motions on a statement of support for the students. Moreover, they placed on the agenda but have not yet discussed a motion to tell the Times it shouldn't allow people to write comments on articles in the Times using pseudonyms. Would you like them to put up addresses with MapQuest links, too?

The Times would like for this story to go away, but I do not think the diversity purveyors of our campus want it to go away. They will continue to use it to make their pseudo-intellectual statements about gender stereotypes. Will anyone blame them for publicizing this act to the point where other harrassing phone calls are received by that student?

UPDATE: As Dave notes, the campus paper has published an article with the student's picture. Am I allowed to link to that, administrators?!?