Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Novels to re-read 

Hugh fried a bunch of callers for suggesting Atlas Shrugged. I am actually fonder of The Fountainhead, but both of them get into the re-read list for me as well. I thought about calling in with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but I figured he would call it non-fiction and make me hang up on myself. I mentioned this to Craig Westover and David Strom Saturday and Craig said he preferred Lila. But then, he sails, so of course he would. (Yes, I owned motorcycles before I was married. Some day...) David hasn't told me what he would read because he's still too distracted by the Canadian girl at the bottom of his latest post.

A fairly recent author that I've already read twice is Alan Furst's The World at Night twice. The plots are good, but the atmospherics of World War II Europe are great. That book is set mostly in Vichy France; other of his books are set further east, and all are good. What would it have been like to live in occupied France, or occupied Hungary, or ... ? I find that fascinating.

Current book, if you care: Robert Wilson's The Company of Strangers. In this case, Portugal is the location, as it is for several of Wilson's books.