Monday, November 15, 2004

Not a Comedy Central roast 

It figures it would have to come to our campus sooner or later, but I am surprised it was quite this fast:

The Legacy of Yasser Arafat: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

What are the complex moral, political, and social issues American citizens must understand to promote justice and peace in the Middle East?

The public is invited to participate in this forum, which will feature a short video on the Palestinian struggle and a panel.

The panel, sponsored by something called the "Progressive Faculty Group" (heretofore unknown to me) probably isn't showing this short video. Nor is it likely to hear anything about Cleo Noel, as did listeners to our NARN broadcast last Saturday (go here with Windows Media Player at 1 and 7 am or pm CT to hear the broadcast; it lasts about an hour.)

Nor will the probably read anything from this or this.

And they dare complain about Fox?