Monday, November 29, 2004

Meanwhile in my blog's other life 

I didn't check my comment email box until now, and I find Peter Swanson has sent me a link to a great post about the Homecoming Queen royalty controversy, which has found its way to the New York Times. No wonder everyone here's so happy to see me blog on Ukraine rather than my usual mucking about in academia. I wish I had thought of Peter's suggestion to blot out the face of the queen with a blue dot. According to one source on campus, the student has indeed been taped for a news magazine program with his face in silohuette. More details as I get them.

Meanwhile, however, could someone from the administration please explain this?
St. Cloud's president, Roy H. Saigo, who supported Mr. Khang's candidacy, and other administrators distributed a statement on a university e-mail list shortly after Mr. Khang was elected.
We reported that letter here and a related letter here. Did he support the candidacy before the election of the homecoming queen or after? If before, how was this support manifested?