Monday, November 08, 2004

Gender deconstruction in your college catalog 

On the Taste page of Friday's Wall Street Journal,
Syracuse University students taking a course called "Introduction to Race and Discourse: Hip-Hop Eshu: Queen B@#$H 101" got a big thrill Wednesday when the Queen B@#$H herself (aka rapper Lil' Kim) showed up. The students have been studying what the college catalog describes as "Lil' Kim's 'Queen Bitch' lyricism, her very own work in the musical revolution that is Hip-Hop." Student Jen Hadsell is learning fast. "One person might take it as crude or vulgar," local Channel 10 TV quotes Ms. Hadsell as saying of Lil' Kim's work. But "she's in actuality breaking down a lot of the gender constructions society has for us today."
I wonder how Lil' Kim would look running for Homecoming King? I mean, if you really want to break down some gender constructions, how about running someone as a King B@#$H?