Thursday, November 04, 2004


I may regret taking down the pictures of our Homecoming Queen, because I thought the idea was to not have attention drawn to the student who won. I guess I was mistaken. A notice today:
What: Support the Court Educational Rally
When: Thursday (Today!) November 4 @ 2:01
Where: Atwood Mall
Why: To learn about the larger issues of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia involved in the backlash surrounding the Homecoming Coronation. Also, to celebrate and honor the homecoming royalty!

I'm guessing that transphobia means fear of crossdressing, something I guess I was supposed to feel watching Jamie Farr. The rally is to try to induce President Saigo to send a "national press release" around like the one I discussed last week. I will be shocked if Saigo does not jump on this opportunity to burnish his diversity credentials.

The "backlash" according to the supporters of this travesty continue to say that threats are made, but according to the St. Cloud Police they have not risen to the level of a criminal investigation. The supporters have also opened a kiosk in the student union to educate people "to bring awareness to the campus about the conditions that have fostered the backlash." In other words, to proselityze yet again about GLBT issues. Witness from our student newspaper:

"The most disturbing thing is the phone calls," Hal Kimball, student government president said. "They've died down a little bit, but based on the heels of this election, we'll see what happens, especially when gay marriage and lots of other issues were out there. People are going to have a lot of perceptions about Fue
and about our candidates, so I'm worried about the backlash from that." ...

Kimball said the student government never expected to get the negative response
that came of Khang winning homecoming queen.

"And granted, we probably should have known by looking at the area and the conservative background of this area that there probably would have been more backlash than I would have thought," Kimball said. "Nobody on the senate, nobody at UPB, nobody thought the backlash would be this significant."

Ch'yeah right, dude. If ever there was the voice of the "vision of the anointed" and the contempt they hold for those of other views, this is it.

And the reason you're spinning this so much now, Hal? It's because you're trying to drown out that little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying "Stupid." It's called your conscience.