Monday, November 22, 2004

Damning with faint praise 

Professor Steven Covey sent a note to the campus this morning which reveals that we aren't getting good press from the high schools.
Last week, three of our children from two different District 742 schools brought home information about career options after high school. I would guess that the same information is given to every teenager in the state. The descriptions of MnSCU Universities and the U of M are given below and do not put MnSCU Universities in a very favorable light.


Selected text from the �Types of Minnesota Post-Secondary Education Institutions�

Minnesota State Universities � Minnesota State Universities are four-year institutions offering a full range of athletic and arts programs.

University of Minnesota

  • The Crookston campus is internationally recognized for its technology initiatives.

  • The Duluth campus (UMD) consistently ranked among the top regional universities nationwide.

  • The Morris campus (UMM) ranks as one of the best public arts colleges in the nation.

  • The Twin Cities campus offers one of the most comprehensive academic programs of any institution in Minnesota. Two thirds of the states doctors, veterinarians,
    dentists, and pharmacists are graduates.
Don't know why, Steve. Maybe it's because some people keep sending letters to high school counselors.