Monday, October 18, 2004

You know it's homecoming when... 

...they start worrying about students and beer.

St. Cloud State University is cracking down on the off-campus behavior of its students.

The university plans to begin enforcing parts of its student code of conduct that focus on off-campus problems. The university is targeting off-campus parties, disruptive behavior and providing alcohol to minors.

The decision to target problem party houses builds on last year's decision to punish off-campus behavior.

Nathan Church, vice president for student life and development at St. Cloud State, said the university recently clarified its policy language to ban activities where alcohol is the center of the event or used in fund-raising.

Homecoming, of course, means parties and alumni, so cleaning up the neighborhood is always encouraged. According to this article in the St. Cloud Times (link dies Tuesday), students in "problem houses" will be required to perform community service.