Monday, October 18, 2004

Why I will vote for Bush 

Hugh Hewitt has another symposium. I don't write on the weekends, but a weekday one I will gladly support. He asks me to answer in 250 words the question in the title: Why will I vote for Bush. Here goes.

�I support President Bush for a simple reason. A victory for Kerry would be taken as a victory for the terrorists, by both the terrorists and the rest of the world. Economic issues pale in comparison with this overriding fact.� � James Buchanan, after signing this letter discussing the harmful Kerry economic policies.

This is just as well, because on economic issues I�ve had my differences with Bush. Tariffs and prescription drugs would be two such issues. Kerry and Bush actually agree on the economic issues that I disagree over, however, and on many others Kerry is egregiously wrong.

But Kerry�s foreign policy is far worse. He believes, as does the hard left of America, that Iraq is not part of the Global War on Terror. If 9/11 didn�t change him, would Zarqawi�s declaration of support for al-Qaeda? How can anyone believe that we should have foreign judges of our right to defend ourselves when our enemies buy the judges?

And when people use their opponent�s children as �fair game� in politics, what does this tell us about the character of a man? Does it tell us anything more than did a man who considered his fellow soldiers �fair game� in his anti-war activities? Does it tell us anything more than did going to Paris to negotiate privately with those who shot at his band of brothers and held some captive?

It tells me more than I want to know.

It tells me to stop squabbling over economics, and vote Bush.