Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh what a night. 

Many thanks to Hugh for the kudos on the NARN event. We had an absolute blast. Mitch has played in many more and probably more successful bands than I have, but I do recall a night when we played a lakeside cabin party that had roughly 75 young people there. As the night went on people pulled up in boats at and near the dock, doubling the audience, and the energy feeds you. And a group like this just has us jazzed for a few more weeks. To give you how it went for me: I had walked in and saw about 200 people in the room and thought wow! It was already more than I thought it would be at 7:30pm. By ten to eight I was focused on the screen and didn't turn around until after the debate -- and saw they had removed the dividing wall between the two sides of the ballroom. Easily more than 700 were there.

If you were there and you're a reader, you cannot know how grateful I am. And for those who keep showing up for us time after time, like Jo, Steve, Tom, and the mighty mighty PMB, thanks so much for keeping us confident we're hitting the mark. (Thanks for the cigars too, Jo!)

Thanks also to Chumley, Lonesome and the Patriot staff, the downtown Hilton (the eats were great!), and Wade Investments for helping us make a bit of blog history happen.