Friday, October 22, 2004

Much radio = light blogging today 

I will have little here today as I am getting ready for the Hugh Hewitt Show tonight with the rest of the NARN gang, as well as dealing with some administrative deadlines here at the university. If I can get an economics post up early this PM I will, but if not I will do it tomorrow. (See, Hugh, I do work on weekends!)

Be sure to catch us 5-8pm CT on Hugh's show (streaming options here). And tomorrow, we're having a very special guest, John O'Neill of the SwiftVets, on the Northern Alliance's own show (12-3pm, AM1280 the Patriot, streams from here.) We're supposed to be on the Patriot II station on Sundays but I do not know the time (I'll fix this if I can find that out today.)