Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I was busy catching the rest of the Twins game 

I missed the Hindrocket/Wonkette faceoff. Peter says a Swift Boat ad was running behind Wonkette while she was on the air. Funny! Some links to other reactions:

puts together the FactCheck entries rebutting the Halliburton charges.

InstaPundit has a round-up: All Cheney except for Jeff Jarvis, who nonetheless calls Edwards "the definition of smug". Jay Reding notes that "it's all about gravitas" and that battle was over before it began.

Missed opportunity: I agree with Chumley.
Cheney let Edwards get away with the insulting remarks about Tora Bora and "outsourcing" the job of killing OBL. Didn't they have a response prepared after Kerry said the same thing Thursday?
They have to find a way to shove that up the Dems' butt, ASAP. I think it damages until confronted.

Best for last:
As Cheney pummeled Edwards, I couldn't get Howard Cosell's shrill voice out of my head: "Will somebody stop this fight? His face is a bloody pulp!"
And down goes Edwards! Down goes Edwards!

I have tickets to the Twins Friday and Saturday, so I don't think I'm blogging the second presidential debate live, but I will have it taped. My intent is to do all four.