Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yellow bike update 

A few days ago I wrote about the Yellow Bikes. A local campus story already reports that two bikes have been vandalized.

"We haven't gotten any complaints to this point but we've had two bikes that have been damaged," [campus rec director Tom] Heck said. "One is repairable but the other one is completely shot so we'll strip it for useable parts. We kind of thought there would be some vandalism, but other than those two bikes, there haven't been any real problems."

The issue of vandalism is one that [student Eli] Watson found disturbing, and while only a freshman, he believes that the majority of his fellow students are better than the one or two people who found it necessary to damage the community bikes.

"When something like this is made available to students at no charge, I just can't understand why they would act like children," Watson said. "Even though this is only my first month of college, I think college-aged students should be able to handle something like this with maturity and respect."

Seriously, son, take an economics class.

This paragraph is even more remarkable.
"Honestly it's an honor system," Heck said. "If a student lives in a residence hall and they work at Taco Johns downtown and want to ride over there, we don't care. Like I said it's an honor system and we'd love to see students keep the bikes on campus, but if they want to go downtown for a haircut or groceries, that's fine."

Why not just hang a sign on them that says steal this bike?