Friday, September 17, 2004

While we're talking about polls 

Take a look at this one on how Bush is polling with Arab-Americans.
Reflecting a national trend that shows Sen. John Kerry's support slipping so far this month, polling by Zogby International for the Arab-American Institute found that Mr. Kerry's support has dropped from 54 percent in July to 49 percent among Arab-Americans. In July, 24.5 percent of Arab-American voters said they would vote for Mr. Bush. Now, 31.5 percent said Mr. Bush deserves to be re-elected.

The Investors Business Daily story (subscribers only, sorry) carries this bit of information:

Pro-Kerry Arab-Americans
Why they support him

Vote Democrat 7%
Taxes/domestic issues 17%
Foreign Policy 11%
Like him personally 3%
Oppose Republicans 50%

With Muslims, the poll was 70-3 for Kerry, so Bush's gain was mostly from Arab Christians, who make up 28% of those polled.

The poll, taken in four key states -- Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- doesn't differ much when Ralph Nader is included.