Thursday, September 23, 2004

Voting Miss Wrong 

Another moment of SCSU fun with our Women's Center, who are bringing Carol Moseley Braun to campus on Monday. The campus announcement for this began with this paragraph.
As we enter yet another presidential election without a woman on the ballot, it begs a number of questions, including: When might women feel truly represented at the voting booth?
I don't know; could it have been 19th Amendment? This gets back to my first post today: Why do these Women's Center people think that women go to a polling place and can only identify with other women? Someone who promised to enact a true flat tax would get my vote regardless of sex or any other physical characteristic.
Why has the United States lagged far behind many other countries including Sweden, Rwanda, Spain and Cuba in terms of female representation in democratic institutions?
Boy have I been busy. How did I miss the news that Cuba was a democracy? And let me tell you, the U.S. is nothing until we achieve the political participation of Rwanda!
How might U.S. policy be different if a critical mass of women were in power to include the diverse interests of women?
Well, given that Bush seems to be polling quite well with women, I don't know that there's much of a difference.
Why is there so much resistance to the goal of gender balance in elective office?
Resistance? Yes, certainly, I do recall seeing men with pitchforks in front of polling places forcing women back to the kitchens and removing their shoes. Must have been on the same page announcing free elections in Cuba.
A trail blazer in U.S. politics, Carol Moseley Braun will be presenting the keynote address for the Women in Politics 2004, Women on Wednesday series!
Yes, Moseley Braun is a trailblazer alright, including FEC laws.