Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sunday morning musings 

I just know in my heart that he's guilty. And I absolutely despise that awful, evil man. The �mountain of evidence� against him seems overwhelming. And it just must be true. Well, O.K., maybe I suspect that perhaps some of the evidence seems too good to be true. Could some of it have been planted or forged? Oh, forget it, I�ll just close my eyes and rationalize away my doubts. After all, I believe I know what�s best. And doesn�t the end justify the means, even if my profession dictates that I should be accountable to the public?

Who am I?
a) Marcia Clark.
b) Dan Rather.

Who questions me?
a) Johnnie Cochran and Alan Dershowitz.
b) Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker.

Please keep up the pressure, gentlemen! A truly free society demands that our fourth estate . . . as well as our judicial branch . . . must be held to the highest standards of integrity.

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