Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Speaking of Mississippi 

...it only gets worse at Southern Mississippi State U. Robert Campbell and Charles Nuckolls have the latest. Given our propensity at SCSU for hiring only administrators that have been fired from their previous posts, I am starting a pool on when we end up with the Ten of Spades.

UPDATE: Robert Campbell reminds me to make sure I've got the right name on my school here.

UPDATE 2: Campbell again: It starts above the Ten of Spades.
Let's keep in mind that in addition to alienating nearly the entire faculty at USM, Thames has neglected fundraising, driven away influential donors, been ordered to jettison two of his top operatives and drastically reduce the authority of a third, forfeited the support of the editorial board at the local newspaper, and kept on bloviating about "world class" status while USM dropped into the fourth tier of the US News rankings. These are derelictions that would induce the least faculty-friendly of governing boards to fire a president. They lend support to the theory that Thames was put in place to break USM down.
That could be our problem here as well.