Friday, September 10, 2004

Senior year a waste of time? 

Somehow, I don't think schools are going to be thrilled with this.

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner yesterday announced a plan to reform high schools nationwide and make senior year worthwhile.

As chairman of the National Governors Association, Mr. Warner said the yearlong initiative � "Redesigning the American High School" � will make it easier for seniors to earn college credit for college-level courses and improve vocational education so that those who don't attend college can learn a profitable trade.

He said he hopes that the initiative can eliminate "senioritis" and increase graduates' earning potential. ...

"Senior year can sometimes be a waste of time or not fully taken advantage of," Mr. Warner said yesterday, characterizing his plan as "the equivalent of giving the parent a $5,000 voucher."

For those unaware, Governor Warner is a Democrat. It smells a bit of school-to-work, but just getting them to admit that they have students in a year of public school which is "a waste of time" is a wonderfully embarassing admission.